Grooming Prices

Clipper Cut– includes a bath, high powered blow-dry to help remove any loose hair, complete brush out or de-matting, sanitary and paw trim, full body clipper/scissor trim and  a nail trim and file.

Bath & Tidy-   everything included in the clipper cut except the body clip or trim! this option does include trimming of paw pads, sanitary trim and nail trim & file. 

Brush & Tidy- No bath included, just a full body brush and blow dry to remove loose hair and nail trim and file and basic sanitary trim.

Short Hair – Starting at 35.00

Medium Hair – Starting at $50.00

Long Hair – Starting at $60.00



Stand Alone Grooming Services


                Nail trim – $10.00                                      


Paw & Nail Trim/Tidy – $25.00     


Teeth Cleaning – $5.00



 **extra charges may be incurred for excessive matting of the dog’s coat or for a dog that is excessively difficult** 


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