“Hotel for Dogs”

Luxury Hotel-Style Boarding for your Best Friend

CrazyTails centers around the philosophy that our boarding clients require both physical and mental exertion in order to remain comfortable and happy, which is why we offer our boarding dogs full access to our 5000 sq ft. daycare area with access to our 6000 sq ft outdoor area all day at no extra charge. Boarding clients can play with other doggie friends, socialize and cuddle with staff in a cage free environment all day and then settle in to their suite room at night and be lulled to sleep with some soft classical music, tired and anxiety free.

We have full time overnight staff that are on-site for our boarding dogs safety and security as well as security monitors with live feed, humidity control and temperature control.

We are also Raw food and Bully Breed friendly!!


Boarding Prices

Suite Overnight Package Prices

10 night suite package: $472.50

30 night suite package: $1417.50

10 night suite pack (2 dogs): $551.25

30 night suite pack (2 dogs): $1575.00

Suite Rooms

A minimum 4×6 Ft private suite room with rubber or linoleum flooring, solid chew proof walls which allows for more privacy and does not allow the dogs to see each other (unlike chain link runs), an open gate and top to maximize air flow, fully heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. All suite rooms include a cozy bed, stainless steel bowls with full water at all times, and full access to our daycare area during the day. Suite rooms can accommodate up to 2 large dogs or 3 small dogs from the same household. 

$50.00 + $10.00 per additional dog (per night)


House Food (Acana): $5.00 (per meal)
One-On-One Play Session (30 mins): $10.00
Turn Down (15 mins of cuddles & a special treat): $7.00
Night Cap (Peanut Butter or Cheese filled Kong before bed): $5.00
Daycare or Boarding Report Card: $5.00 (per day) 

30 minute leash walk (one-on-one walk around the neighbourhood with one of our staff): $15.00

Raw bone chew (beef): $5.00 



Full Groom: Variable based on coat type, length, and size of dog

Nail trim(w dremel) and Paw Tidy – $25.00

Teeth Cleaning – $5.00

Nail Trim: $10.00

Dremel File: $15.00

Brush out -Variable based on coat type, length, and size of dog

To book your dog’s stay with us, please fill out the form below and send it in to us along with a copy of your dog’s vaccination records.

We are not able to book boarding appointments without the proper paperwork.

Boarding dates are not guaranteed until the required paperwork is sent in.

Please give our office a call if you have any questions!!

House Rules FAQ

Please be sure to read our house rules. These rules ensure the safety and happiness of all of our guests and their humans.


How soon can my dog stay at Crazy Tails after vaccines are given?

We require 5 days for the vaccine to do it’s job and boost your dogs immunity to the disease which they were vaccinated for before we can book them in for their boarding stay.


When can I take a tour of the facility?

We are more than happy to bring you along for a tour of the facility. Please call a minimum of 24 hours ahead of time and we will be able to book you in! All tours take place on weekdays at 6 pm.

 How do I go about booking my dog’s stay at Crazy Tails?

1. Go to our “Register” page and fill in the boarding contract and email it to us or stop in and drop it off!
2. Call your vet and ask them to send a copy of your dogs current vaccine records to us, OR if you have the documents available at home, you can scan a copy and send those via email too!
3. Call us and confirm your dates, your dog’s boarding accommodations and any extra services you might want to add to your dogs stay!
You’re done!


How long is my dog confined to a suite during the day?

Beyond occasional naps (if needed) your dog is never confined for more than an hour for the duration of the daycare day! Dogs are let out of their  suites at 6:00am by our morning staff and then return to their suite or crate for breakfast and then it’s time for some fun! Dogs are given freedom to play in our 5000 sq ft. doggie play area until 6:00pm when it’s time to go back to their suite  for supper! After that, a brief relaxation period is given to the dogs to digest supper while we teach our evening obedience classes and then it’s back out for a potty and some evening play time with our overnight staff!


What is Crazy Tails’ vaccine protocol for boarding dogs?

We require a limited vaccine protocol. That just means that your dog MUST have had vaccines for distemper, parvovirus, canine influenza and rabies OR Titer testing for all previously mentioned diseases within the last 3 years (3 years for Rabies). We MUST receive your dogs vaccine records BEFORE we can book your dog in for boarding. For puppies, we require the frist two sets of vaccinations.


My dog is not social with other dogs or has a history of acting aggressively other dogs, can we still board with Crazy Tails?

Unfortunately due to the design of our boarding facility and our philosophy that dogs should have fun while in a boarding facility we can not take dogs that are not social or act aggressively towards other dogs.


How long Can I board my dog at Crazy Tails?

We offer short and long term boarding options, from one overnight to several weeks!


Can we board multiple dogs in one suite?

Yes! We can house a maximum of two large dogs in each suite or 3 smaller dogs.


Daycare FAQs

Our most frequently asked questions

What are your hours?

Doggie Daycare is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m, and weekends from 8:00AM-5:00PM. We are closed on all Stat Holidays.


Do packages expire??

Packages will expire if the dog doesn’t attend daycare for one (1) year.


When can I pick up and drop off my dog?

Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m, weekends from 8:00AM-5:00PM. All dogs are expected to be picked up on time. There is a $10.00 late fee up until 6:30pm. After this time your dog will be placed in one of our cozy crates, and you can pick them up the following morning. Dogs need to be dropped off by 10:00am and picked up by 6:00pm


Can I visit while my dog is in daycare?

We do not recommend visiting during daycare. This often causes anxiety and stress at the sight of the owner stopping by and then leaving. You are welcome to call and check in if necessary. Please join our facebook page to get photos, videos and updates too.


Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are highly recommended. We do have a maximum capacity of 50 daycare dogs . thus drop-in spots are not guaranteed.


What if I need to cancel or my dog can’t make it to daycare?

Twelve hour notice of cancellation is required. Less than twelve (12) hours notice will be charged 50% of the fees. If a reservation was made and no cancellation notice given you will be charged full fees.


How do you discipline the dogs?

If a dog is bullying, barking excessively, mounting other dogs, peeing in the building, etc. we will try to distract the dog with verbal commands and if that does not work, the dog will be kenneled for a short time out. We like all dogs to be comfortable in our building and if a dog is barking excessively it can stress other dogs, not to mention what it does to our ears!


Do you train the dogs at daycare?

We make sure that dogs are under control when entering and exiting the daycare area. This is to prevent arguments between dogs. This may take some time if your dog is very excited, so we ask that you be patient for the sake of your dog, and all other dogs at daycare. We also work with the dogs on manners throughout the day. We work on house-training, no barking, no jumping up, and being polite going through doors. If you would like us to work on a specific issue your dog is having, we will try to make time to do so.


Where do the dogs stay at daycare?

Our daycare area is approximately 5000 sq ft indoors, with a 6000 sq ft outdoor area that is fully fenced with 6ft chain link. Our indoor area is air conditioned  for summer and heated in winter months, the outdoor area is gravel. We do have a separate area for small dogs to play in if they are not comfortable with the bigger dogs.



What should I expect after my dog has visited daycare?

Sore Pads
Running amok may be rough on your dog’s feet, and they may get sore and abraded pads. This will go away as their pads get thicker and used to running on different surfaces.

Sore Muscles
Your dog will be having so much fun playing at Doggie Daycare, that they may forget to pace themselves and get sore muscles. Over time this will fade as you see them get stronger and more in shape.

The new social interaction your dog will encounter while being at Doggie Daycare will be both physically and mentally exhausting. Expect your dog to need a lot of rest when they get home.

Your dog’s enthusiasm to enter the group will grow as they get more used to being at Doggie Daycare. Eventually they will be just as excited to get to Daycare as they are when you pick them up at night. Working on keeping them calm when entering and exiting Doggie Daycare is important to prevent fights between excited dogs.

Wet Coat
Your dog’s coat may be wet when you pick them up during the summer – on hot summer days they may have been lounging in the pool. Not to worry, the water is changed frequently to keep them clean and healthy.

Happy Dog
Their tail will be wagging and you may even see a smile on their face. It’s their way of saying “THANKS” for bringing them to Doggie Daycare.

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