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Crazy tails is all about dogs

Crazy Tails features 2500 square feet of 3/8 inch fully matted daycare area, which is easy on your dogs feet and provides traction while dogs play and run. 9 individual, 4X6 square foot suite rooms which can house up to two dogs from the same family comfortably. Suites are fully tiled for easy cleaning and stay cool overnight for your dogs comfort and include a plush or elevated bed.

Our guests also enjoy a 600 square foot outdoor area landscaped with small, round pea gravel which is easier on your dogs feet. We have 2 play structures outdoors for the dogs, a ramp and picnic table. In summer we haul out our portable pools and bubble machine into our “backyard” to keep dogs entertained and cool during hot days.

A crate room outfitted with our cozy crates for up to 14 dogs of various sizes and a small chest freezer to keep raw-fed dog food frozen and a prep station for storage of our kibble fed clients food. A retail area in our main lobby features many items that can not be found anywhere else in Saskatoon. These items include training aids, toys and treats!

“Our dogs, Bella and Rosie have been coming to stay with Meghan and Amber for a long time (Bella about 4 or 5 years and Rosie 3). They love seeing the staff. The girls go crazy when we walk in. They love playing with the other dogs and are super tired for 2 days after. We recommend Crazy Tails to all our friends and family that have dogs. The staff are always super helpful and accommodating to us and are always there when we need them. Bella and Rosie thank you all from the bottom of their doggy hearts.”

-Jason Howey

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